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Privacy policy
Pursuant to, and for all the practical purposes of article 13 D. Lgs. n. 196/2003, we advise you of what follows:
a) The personal data, supplied by of your own free will, when filled in the registration form to formalise the inquiry about products, services, marketing promotions, events and promotional initiatives of the company, will be handled, even by means of information and computer  systems on Data Base, for the following purposes: 1. managerial, statistical, business, promotional, advertising purposes concerning products and services of Ados srl.
b) The acquisition of personal data is not compulsory; however a possible refusal to either reply  or to express consent may prevent the Company from satisfying the consumer’s demands.
c) Your personal data can be given and spread, other than all the purposes listed in letter a) of this informative report, to other companies belonging to Ados srl.
d) Your personal data can be handled, other than all the purposes listed in section a) of this informative report, also through the following means and ways: fax, telephone with or without an operator, e­mail, and other computer and/or automated communication systems.
e)  With regard to the above­mentioned data treatment, the interested party, to whom the personal data refer, has the right to obtain at any time confirmation that the data are still available or not; to know their contents and origin, to verify that they are correct or have them integrated or up­dated or rectified, pursuant to article 7 of the D. Lgs. N. 196/2003. Pursuant to the said article, the interested party has the right to have the data cancelled, changed anonymously, or blocked, even if pertaining to the purpose of the data collection or to the mailing of advertisement materials or direct sale or carrying out a market research or giving business information.
f) The body entitled to handle the personal data is Ados srl
g) Your personal data shall be kept in the offices of Ados srl. con sede legale in 20090 Buccinasco (MI), Via Lazio, 25.
h) Your personal data may be sent abroad, within the European Community, in accordance with and in compliance with article 42 of D. Lgs. n. 196/2003. Your personal data may be sent abroad, to non­European countries in accordance with, and in compliance with article 44 letter b) of the D. Lgs. n. 196/2003. To this regard, we state that Ados srl can operate solely with subjects that have accepted "The principles of safe harbour in the matter of privacy".
For additional information and/or assistance, please feel free to contact: Ados srl. con sede legale in 20090 Buccinasco (MI), Via Lazio, 25. (E­mail: )