Load cells.
Accuracy and Reliability
in Italy and all over the world.

Since 1970 Ados has been designing, manufacturing and supplying electronic measuring and weighing systems employing strain gauge technology load cells in Italy and worldwide.
Our skills and our experience in thousands of projects and achievements are supported by a passionate and constant commitment to technological and organizational innovation and by the development of solutions dedicated to the specific needs of customers and markets including food, steelworks, constructions, shipbuilding, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cable transport, geophysical, nuclear works.

We have the skills and experience you need.
And we’ve been doing this for fifty years.

Small parts,
big differences.

You can find all of our technology and our constant commitment to innovation, our skills, our attention and our passion in every single small part we manufacture, a small part that in the middle of the sea, on land, in the air and even in space will make the difference in the accurate measurement of: weight, torsion, traction, compression, deformation.
We always meet the needs and wishes of our customers. We design, manufacture and supply special solutions, custom-tailored to the client’s specifications; we have a wealth of

experience, completed jobs and technical drawings that allow us to respond quickly to many requests thanks to our standard solutions.

We are inspired by the awareness of knowing that our products continue to do their job after many years without ever disappointing even the strictest expectations of our designers, our production departments and our technicians in the installation and start-up phases, and the thousands of our customers in Italy and around the world since 1970.