Skills, Experience and Passion.

We have been innovating the world of precision measurement for over fifty years.

Since 1970 we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying electronic measuring and weighing systems employing strain gauge technology load cells in Italy and worldwide.
Our skills and our experience in thousands of projects and achievements are supported by a passionate and constant commitment to technological and organizational innovation and by the development of solutions dedicated to the specific needs of customers and markets including food, steelworks, constructions, shipbuilding, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cable transport, geophysical, nuclear works.
Our Vision is to become the point of reference in Italy and worldwide for the design, manufacturing and supply of electronic measuring and weighing systems employing strain gauge technology load cells; continue to meet the requests of our customers by innovating and studying tailor-made solutions for the most diverse application sectors.

Our Values guide our choices and our work:
Accuracy – Accuracy is the method and goal of our work. We dedicate our skills, experience and passion to the design, manufacture and supply of measurement systems.
Uncompromising quality – Since 1970, uncompromising quality has been our strength, as has the reliability of our supplies. This is demonstrated by thousands of installations of our products all over the world operating in the most diverse and extreme environmental conditions; our certifications confirm this.
Respect and Sustainability – We have always embraced respect for people, the environment, cultures and rules with concrete and consistent responsibility and behaviour.
Trust – We are committed with our choices and behaviours to win the trust of all our partners and customers and to confirm their highest expectations every day.

Thousands of applications

all over the world, in the most severe and critical conditions of use.

Operating environments

with temperatures ranging from -40 °C up to 200 °C



with sizing suitable for seismic risk areas and high-strength winds.


and safety in measurements.

The first main steps

1970 |
Our core business starts with the strain gauge technology applied to measurement of physical quantities. We work alongside the customers from the early design steps to supply to on-field commissioning. We design and build electronic weighing systems used in various industrial sectors. We specialize in the production of load cells, especially custom-made. Our know-how, problem solving skills and technological reliability put us on the leading edge at international level.

1972 | We become a “Srl” (private limited company) and open a commercial office, with a small workshop, in Milan. The warehouse and a small production remain based in our headquarters in Gravedona, on Lake Como.

1974 |
Having further honed our skills and abilities, we decide to build on our own what we previously marketed. We are the first company in Italy to start manufacturing load cells and electronic instrumentation for weighing and dosing, and all of this with a small staff. Our core market is mainly Italy.

1977 | Our equipment has become widely used in various sectors and industrial applications. The company grows constantly, and shortly we become a reference point for quality and reliability.

A boost for innovation and the inclusion of new skills

1980 | 
Our facilities now have about fifteen highly specialized employees. And the markets keep growing: our production increasingly crosses Italian borders and is used in competitive, regulated and very demanding sectors: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, naval and others.

1982 |
To meet the growing demands for new products, we purchase an industrial property in Buccinasco, in the province of Milan. 1,200 square meters where we organize production more efficiently, increasing our output.

1987 |
The new Brunello generation joins ADOS. Giorgio, Luigi Brunello’s youngest son, puts his technical studies to good use by covering various company functions: by doing so he acquires a broad-spectrum knowledge that will be useful in the years to come.

1989 |
It is time for Claudia Brunello to join our administration office. Shortly after she will be followed by her sister Gloria who will take care of the purchases and logistics.

These are years of changes, achievements and new goals

1993 |
We keep paying close attention to the evolution of the markets, we participate in fairs throughout Europe and establish relationships with new customers. Our ability to solve problems grows with the acquisition of increasingly challenging and international projects that increase the notoriety of ADOS in the world.

1995 |
We are among the first companies in our field to acquire the Quality Certification. This is an important guarantee for those who choose to entrust us with a project and it also improves our image on global markets.

1998 |
The founder Luigi Brunello leaves the company by transferring the shares to his children. The path traced by his father continues with the new generation at the wheel.

Maturity, awareness, consolidation

2000 |
We turn 30!
A birthday that testifies to the maturity of our company capable of customizing and configuring devices according to the most binding specifications and the most extreme conditions of use.

2004 |
We acquired the Atex Certification for equipment intended to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

We invest in human resources to face the challenges that come with a growing and evolving company.

2010 |
We complete the certification process by acquiring specific certifications for India and Russia .

2011 |
We co-design and build a unique part for a multinational company in the OFF_SHORE sector: a 3 meter long strain gauge pin, intended for use on a pipe lay ship. A “monumental” work completely made to customer specifications.

2015 |
We keep growing. We develop design and production, investing in machinery and new human resources in the technical office by enrolling two engineers. We keep specializing in the study and manufacture of special products.

We are the weighing professionals with skills and partnerships in constant balance

1970-2020 |
We turn 50! A goal that is also a starting point. We consolidate our leading edge status in Italy and our strong international presence. And we are ready for the future, aware of having come a long way and with the attitude of those who continue to train to grow and face new challenges together.

It took 50 years to create this unique team in the world. A young team that is passionate about what it does, that studies the materials and their behaviours, that updates and trains itself project after project, that accepts the most difficult challenges and gives the best of themselves to overcome them.
A team capable of using imagination, updated software, sophisticated machines and, above all, their hands with skill and accuracy.

A team that is and will be ADOS’ most important resource: the best guarantee for those who choose to work with us.

Skills and cooperation
in constant balance

Professionals in the precision
measurement and weighing

Our team unites, expresses and offers customers a unique set of skills and experiences animated by the sharing of clear goals and values.
Our best resources and energies are dedicated to our work, to updating and continuous training,

to the enhancement of the individual uniqueness that we respect and which has become a shared heritage.
Our passion and the satisfaction of our customers guide us.