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Mod. A101E


Static weighing system
Threshold managment

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01. Features

Power supply  230 / 115 Vac 50/60 Hz – Option 24 Vcc
Isolation Class II
Installation category Cat. II
Display Numeric 6 digit, 7 segments red LED display (h 14 mm)
8 led 5 mm indicators
Keyboard  5 mechanical keys
Cutout 139 mm X 67 mm
Depth  135 mm (including terminal blocks)
Overall dimensions 144 mm x 72 mm x120 mm (l x h x p) (DIN43700)
Mounting  (cutout 139 mm x 67 mm)
Protection IP54
Wiring connections Pull-out terminal blocks, pitch 5.08 mm (Power supply pitch 7.5 mm) Serial ports on a 9 pin Sub-D

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