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Mod. A200E


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01. Features

The A200E is a weight amplifier indicator based on a microcontroller. All the operations of configuration and weight calibration are done by front keyboard. The instrument is equipped with a main display to show weight and an auxiliary display to show the operator guide messages. The base version foresees three digital inputs, three digital outputs and two serial line outputs, a primary bi-directional line and an auxiliary one with transmission only. The primary is available in RS232 or in RS485 mode to operate in multidrop network. ADOS has implemented as standard both the logic protocol MODBUS and PROFIBUS-DP by the gateway IPBUS1 (option). Options allow to expand the number of digital outputs from three to eleven ( S and D versions) and with options V or A it is possible to have an analog optoisolated output configured for 0-10 V or 4-20 mA. The A200E is equipped with a real time clock that allows to include date and time on printing reports. According to several applications, ADOS supply software versions for multicomponents batching and/or complex weighing process systems.


1 115 Vca
2 230 Vca*
3 24 Vca
4 24 Vcc
5 12 Vcc

*Standard version

02. Technical design

03. Download

Data sheet
Manual A200E Standard
Manual A200E Batch control english
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