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Ados’s culture is also based on the concept of product customization to meet consumer needs.

Ados puts all its skills at the service of customer to find the best design and production response for every needs.

01. Features

Stainless steel AISI 630 (17-4-PH)
Hermetically welded seal (IP67)
Low profile for applications with limited space
Spherical loading button for optimum alignment of load
Double strain gauge bridge available (redundant circuit)
Simple installation
Economical solution for industrial weighing
Individual test report
KAF/KLF mounting assembly available (optional)

Capacity (kg)

CEX 100 100
CEX 250 250
CEX 500 500
CEX 1 1000
CEX 2.5 2500
CEX 5 5000
CEX 7.5 7500
CEX 10 10000
CEX 12 12000

02. Technical design

03. Download

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