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MOD. D110E


D110E high precision dynamometer

Ados’s culture is also based on the concept of product customization to meet consumer needs.

Ados puts all its skills at the service of customer to find the best design and production response for every needs.

01. Features

High accuracy 0,03% F.S.
Metrological characteristics according to OIML-R60
Load cell temperature check and output linearization
Serial output for printer and wireless transmission
Rotating hook mounted on ball bearings
High brightness 38 mm red led display
Selectable brightness for autonomy optimization
Selectable auto shutoff
Housed in high thickness steel case
Sealed to IP65
Rechargeable lead 6v battery power supply
Operating time of continuos USE 80-120 h
Rechearge time 10 h

Standard Accessories:
Infrared Remote Control – Battery Charger – Upper Shackle – Rotating Hook
Opzioni: Printer – Wireless Transmission – Thermal Shield – Grille Guard

Capacity (kg) – Resolution

D110E-1 1000 0.2
D110E-2.5 2500 0.5
D110E-5 5000 1
D110E-10 10000 2
D110E-25 25000 5
D110E-50 50000 10

02. Technical design

03. Download

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