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Hybrid scales
Belt weighers
Low profile platform scales

Ados’s culture is also based on the concept of product customization to meet consumer needs.

Ados puts all its skills at the service of customer to find the best design and production response for every needs.

01. Features

Nicheled steel body, stainless steel bellow
Hermetically welded seal (IP67)
KSB mounting assembly available (optional)
OIML R60 C3 approved (models from 75 to 300 Kg)
6 wire (with sense) circuit

Capacity (kg)

GS-1A 15 15
GS-1A 30 30
GS-1A 50 50
GS-1A 75 75
GS-1A 100 100
GS-1A 150 150
GS-1A 250 250
GS-1A 300 300
GS-1A 500 500

02. Technical design

03. Download

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