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Mod. T020E


Weight transmission
Overload control and lifting device applications

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01. Features

T020E is a weight transmitter amplifier that uses a modern microcontroller. Four push buttons and one display that shows the guide messages, help the operator in the configuration and weight calibration. T020E is an instrument with high modularity. The base configuration is equipped with a display to show the weight data and two relays thresholds can be programmed as required. The options foresees one serial line available in RS232 or in RS485 mode, a radio transmission for remote data weight transfer (with R010E serial repeater), an analog output 0-10 V or an analog output 4-20 mA. In the overload control modality (option) the instrument can be associated to category 1 as a security device (UNI EN 954-1 12-98 norm). The smaller dimensions, the best ratio quality price, make the T020E the best solution for many applications.


T020E Standard version
T020E-R Radio version
T020E-S Serial version
T020E-V 0-10 V output
T020E-A 4-20 mA output

02. Technical design

03. Download

Data sheet
Manual T020E Standard
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